Welcome! If you have made it to this website, chances are you may be looking for support, or answers to help manage difficult emotions, relationships, or life transitions.  I view therapy as an empathic, supportive and ultimately collaborative process where the client is the expert on themselves, and the therapeutic relationship is the most important factor in helping to create change.  Through individual, couple, family or group therapy, I work to help individuals gain a better understanding of hurtful relationship patterns and dynamics, and work to change negative self-evaluations that can contribute to overall hardships in life.  Through therapy, it is possible to change your perspective and learn different and more adaptive ways to cope with the stressors in your life.  I am genuinely interested in and committed to my clients and, through therapy, I aim to help them better understand and express their needs in order to engage in more healthy and fulfilling relationships, and more effectively respond to life’s challenges.

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